Cosmic Explosion Lab, NCU


Cosmic Explosion Lab is established in 2009 at the graduate institute of Astronomy, National Central University. Our main research topics are cosmic explosion phenomena such as Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and Supernova (SNe) using Suzaku/WAM, Subaru, CFHT, WIDGET, Lulin telescopes, LOAO, Pan-STARRS. We are also working on related instrument developments and operation such as Suzaku/WAM, WIDGET.  We are also the leading group of the East Asian GRB Follow-up Network (EAFON).






Subaru/HSC (Transient/SNe sciences)

Activities of LAB : Please visit this page.

Recent News:

  1. 1.GRB paper submitted to ApJL (2011.08.30)

  2. 2.Our Paper Appear in Nature (2011.08.25) EAFON made the key dense IR monitoring of the Swift J164449+573451!

  3. 3.Student Exchange Program between Saitama U and CEL has started (2011.08.20)

  4. 4.SUBARU HSC Transient Workshop 2011 (2011.03.09)